Socially Responsible Banking

A Partnership for a Better Greater Central Florida!
Community Building and Economic Development

Socially Responsible Banking (SRB) is a partnership between BankFIRST and our customers where everyone becomes a winner while making Greater Central Florida a better place to live and work.  SRB is a community-focused program, addressing the critical social concerns facing the Greater Central Florida area, and is comprised of a deposit account that offers a competitive rate of interest for participating individuals and institutions.  These deposits are then directly invested into the three socially sensitive loan categories of affordable housing, community building and business/economic development (with special rates and terms).

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Affordable Housing
Housing needs take many forms. Socially Responsible Banking takes a multi-faceted approach to meeting those needs. SRB loans benefit the economically disadvantaged, first time homebuyers, and the mentally and developmentally disabled. SRB, working with counties, employers and non-profit entities, creates new affordable housing opportunities.

Community Building

Community Building
Community building encompasses many areas of great need:

  • Education
  • Non-Profit Support
  • Faith-Based Initiatives
  • Conservation and the Environment
SRB Development

Business and Economic Development
Focus on the creation and protection of quality jobs within our community.

  • Providing loans to businesses moving into the Greater Central Florida area that create new employment, and existing businesses looking to expand while creating new employment opportunities and maintaining existing jobs.
  • SRB loans made available to increase the entertainment, cultural and shopping opportunities in local redevelopment zones throughout the communities served by BankFIRST.

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