Building A Better Brevard County

Brevard Neighborhood Development Coalition

Brevard Neighborhood Development Coalition is a faith-based community development organization founded in 2001 to plan, facilitate, and implement solutions for the revitalization of impoverished communities. They have focused their attention on the Booker T. Washington neighborhood in north Melbourne, Florida, the region’s densest area of poverty with a historically high crime rate. They are now actively involved in a project in a new neighborhood – the Driskell Heights/Powell Subdivision on the border of Melbourne and Palm Bay. BNDC has been a United Way partner agency for 12 years and was selected as FLORIDA TODAY’s Organization of the Year in 2009.

“BankFIRST has been a wonderful partner to the Brevard Neighborhood Development Coalition (BNDC)! Our non-profit, community development agency engages in revitalization of struggling neighborhoods. Our projects range from affordable housing to crime reduction youth services, and economic development. BankFIRST’s Area President Daryl Bishop is a long-standing, active BNDC board member and past Board President. His leadership has been invaluable helping BNDC connect with financial resources and business partners throughout our county. BNDC is also a proud BankFIRST customer. Everyone at the local branches is friendly, professional, and hospitable. It is not unusual to find a BNDC meeting taking place inside a BankFIRST conference room! Thank you BankFIRST for your support in helping bring hope and opportunity to distressed communities.” 

Lynn Brockwell-Carey
Executive Director, Brevard Neighborhood Development Coalition

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