Providing Quality & Affordable Homes in Winter Park

Established in 2004 and dedicated to preserving the quality and affordability of housing within the Winter Park Community Redevelopment Area, The Hannibal Square Community Land Trust provides opportunities for low, very low and moderate income families to secure housing that is controlled by the residents on a long term basis.

Hannibal Square

“The Hannibal Square Community Land Trust was established in 2004 with the support of BankFIRST. Their commitment to the HSCLT was demonstrated when they gave our homeowners their first mortgage. BankFIRST has remained committed to providing banking services to all our owner occupied homeowners and the much needed construction financing that helps us be a part of revitalizing the historic Hannibal Square area. They continue their commitment to being socially aware & showing good stewardship within the community served. BankFIRST’s staff is friendly, accommodating & knowledgeable about their banking services.

We are proud to have a socially responsible community bank to assist with growing our company & insuring our future sustainability. On behalf of the Hannibal Square Community Land Trust residents & Board of Directors, we appreciate your ongoing commitment.”

Denise Weathers
Executive Director, Hannibal Square Community Land Trust, Inc.


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