Special Thanks from Lake Eustis Area Chamber of Commerce

Lake Eustis Area Chamber“The Lake Eustis Area Chamber of Commerce has had several milestones during its nearly 70 years of business, including most recently purchasing a new and larger office space in 2012. At the time the building was financed through a private lender, and when the Chamber decided to sell one of the lots to a new business, the lender was not willing to work with the Chamber so the property could be sold.

BankFIRST, a partner of many non/not for profits in the community, offered to refinance our loan. This allowed us to sell the property, lower our loan note and reduced our rates which significantly reduced our monthly mortgage. In turn the Chamber uses that savings to help area businesses and the community through programs and events.

A community bank is essential for business owners, and the Lake Eustis Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to have BankFIRST as a partner.”

Christie Bobbitt
Executive Director, Lake Eustis Area Chamber of Commerce


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