Creative Financing Solutions for a Quickly Growing Congregation

Markham Woods“When I arrived as the new Pastor of Markham Woods Presbyterian Church, it was evident even then that our facilities did not match the level of the ministry.  As our church became more vibrant, experiencing growth in every phase, the campus issues became glaring to the point of holding us back as a church.  The issue was a common one – financing the project.

Although we raised a large portion of the funds needed for the campus expansion through our capital campaign, two issues remained.  First, we needed a construction loan to see us through the initial phase. Second, we needed to finance the portion not covered through our pledge campaign.  BankFIRST was our top choice due to the rate, loan structure and your willingness to work with us in a personal yet tailored way.  What once was only a vision has now become a reality.  We thank the team at BankFIRST for the key role you played in the completion of a church campus which we can not only be proud of, but more importantly, one that glorifies God.” 

Rev. Joe Wendorph
Senior Pastor/Head of staff, Markham Woods Presbyterian Church


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