Business Lending: Commercial Real Estate Financing

Commercial Real Estate
Your Commercial Real Estate Financing partner!

BankFIRST works with businesses to secure new or existing real estate with a variety of loan options.


Commercial Real Estate Financing is available for:
  • New construction
  • Purchases of existing properties
  • Refinancing an existing business property
  • Expansion and remodeling
Options for:
  • Lump sums or scheduled payouts
  • Fully amortizing and balloon payment options
  • Fixed or variable rates of interest 

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Important Documents

For personal delivery /  in-branch submission only.  Not to be transmitted electronically upon completion.

Commercial Loan

Commercial Loan

Personal Financial

Debt Schedule

Borrower Profile

Subject to evaluation or review for credit worthiness.  Completion and/or submission of information does not guarantee an extension of credit. 
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