Business Lending: Lines of Credit

Lines of CreditHave the flexibility to move your business forward!

BankFIRST Lines of Credit help you take advantage of business opportunities when they become available.


BankFIRST offers two types of Lines of Credit:

A revolving Line of Credit will allow your business to borrow and repay on an ongoing basis as opportunities arise and cash flow fluctuates. This is the most flexible Line of Credit option.

Choose a lump sum or timed distribution of funds to be repaid on a fixed schedule. Perfect for businesses that want lower lending costs with predictable cash flow.

BankFIRST Lines of Credit are perfect for:

  • Special purchasing opportunities
  • Inventory increases for temporary or seasonal demand
  • Covering unexpected costs or the ebb and flow in your business cycles

BankFIRST Lines of Credit are simple to use and repay with a variety of customized features, including cash advances from the Line of Credit and more.  Use your Line of Credit only when needed with low commitment fees and expert advice from BankFIRST Business Lending Specialists.

Lines of Credit loan types:

  • Working Capital Lines of Credit
  • SBA Lines of Credit via SBA Express, CAPLines, and Export Express
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Asset-Based Lines of Credit

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Important Documents

For personal delivery /  in-branch submission only.  Not to be transmitted electronically upon completion.

Commercial Loan

Commercial Loan

Personal Financial

Debt Schedule

Borrower Profile

Subject to evaluation or review for credit worthiness.  Completion and/or submission of information does not guarantee an extension of credit. 
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