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Non-Profit LoansA partnership for a better greater Central Florida!

Socially Responsible Banking (SRB) is a partnership between BankFIRST and our customers where everyone becomes a winner while making greater Central Florida a better place to live and work.  SRB is a community-focused program, addressing the critical social concerns facing the greater Central Florida area, and is comprised of a deposit account that offers a competitive rate of interest for participating individuals and institutions.  These deposits are then directly invested into three socially sensitive loan categories (with special rates and terms).


Socially Responsible BankingSRB Loan Programs

  • Affordable Housing:
    • SRB loans will benefit the economically disadvantaged, first-time homebuyers and the mentally and developmentally disabled.  SRB will also endeavor to create new affordable housing opportunities for local area employees in each of the markets we serve.
  • Community Building:
    • Education – Providing loans to entities that are looking to support the educational needs of the greater Central Florida area, including expanding existing and creating new childcare centers.
    • Non-Profit Support – BankFIRST will assist area non-profits, social service and healthcare agencies with SRB loans that have special rates and terms to help them with their unique funding needs.
    • Faith-Based Initiatives – SRB loans will be made to diverse religious organizations to assist them in their compassionate efforts to improve their community and expand houses of worship.
    • Conservation and the Environment – SRB will seek opportunities to make loans that will be used to conserve energy and preserve and protect the environment.
  • Business and Economic Development:
    • Business Development – Loans to businesses moving into the greater Central Florida area that create new employment, and those looking to expand, provided that new employment opportunities are created or existing jobs are preserved.
    • Downtown Revitalization – BankFIRST believes that vibrant downtowns are important to the overall health of the community.  SRB loans are made available to increase entertainment and cultural opportunities, and to provide financing for area redevelopment zones.

You “Can” Make a Difference!

SRB is all about making a proactive choice to bring about positive social change.  A way of working together with friends, family, community leaders, and local institutions to improve the quality of life in greater Central Florida.

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