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5 Simple Tips for Holiday Shopping

Posted in Financial Tips

November is here and the holidays are right around the corner! Though this year’s holiday season may look a little different for you and your family, we are sharing five short and simple tips to help with your gift shopping ventures.

  1. Set a Budget. Your budget may be a little tight this year and it will be very important to set a budget and stick to it. You may find it helpful to start with an overall budget and then narrow it down even further by those on your shopping list.
  2. Make a List. Plan your shopping by creating a list of who you need to shop for and include gift ideas for each person. As an extension of your budget, this will help you organize your thoughts and make your plan of action. You may also find it beneficial to share the expense with another family member or friend by going together on gifts, especially those gifts with a higher price tag.
  3. Don’t Wait. If you have done any online purchasing over the past few months, you have learned to expect delivery delays - whether due to low inventory or shipping delays. If you are ordering items online or sending gifts to friends or family out of state, allow for extra time. You may be surprised when the package arrives early, but it will save on disappointment if there are additional delays.
  4. Shop & Spend Local. Don’t forget your local resources! Find and give great gifts while supporting neighborhood retailers and reinvesting in your community. Is the receiver of your gift local? Gift cards at their favorite restaurant or store may be the perfect solution, especially if you are unsure exactly what to give.
  5. Get Creative. There are hundreds of ideas on the internet for unique, homemade gifts that you can give to your family. Whether it’s homemade treats or a crafty idea, gifts can be meaningful and budget friendly. The most valuable gifts may not even cost a dime - spending time with family and friends is something to be treasured. “...the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.” (Rick Warren)


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