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FNB Merger FAQ


When will First National Bank become Bank First?
The merger will occur over the weekend of October 28, 2017. All First National Bank offices will close after normal business hours on Friday, October 27. Six of the offices will re-open on Monday, October 30 as Bank First. First National Bank will not be open on Saturday, October 28. First National Bank customers can begin using any of the Bank First locations as of October 30. Bank First branches that are normally open on Saturday will remain open.

Will I be able to access my accounts during the conversion to Bank First?
While we have worked diligently to ensure you have a smooth transition to Bank First, there will be a brief period from Friday, October 27 at 4:00pm to Sunday, October 29 when you will be unable to fully utilize your accounts. During this timeframe, you will be able to view your existing accounts online; however, you will not be able to make transfers or complete other actions.

Do I need to re-enroll in Bank First’s online banking and mobile banking?
Click here for information on establishing your Online Banking profile with Bank First.

Will First National Bank ATMs be available during conversion weekend October 28?
Yes, First National Bank ATMs at branch locations will be converted during the weeks prior to the merger. Each ATM will be interrupted intermittently while the conversion takes place. During the weeks prior to the merger, both First National Bank and Bank First debit cards will be set up to have surcharge fees waived at former First National Bank ATMs.

Will branch phone numbers change?
No, all branch phone numbers will remain the same.

Will the statement date for my accounts change?
Yes, the statement date for your accounts will change. You will receive your last First National Bank statement as of October 27, 2017. Personal statements for your new Bank First account will be processed on the 15th of each month, starting November 15, 2017. Business statements for your new Bank First account will be processed on the last day of the month, starting October 31, 2017.

Who should I contact if I have questions with my account?
Please call your local office or our Customer Care line at 1-877-271-6714 for questions regarding your account. You may also email us at, and a representative will respond during regular business hours.

What is the routing number for Bank First?
The routing number for Bank First is 075901134. The routing number for First National Bank will continue to work for a period of time after the merger.

Can I use my First National Bank checks after the merger?
Yes, you may continue using your First National Bank checks after the conversion of your account. Once you run out of checks, you may order new ones under the Bank First name via our website at

What will happen with my First National Bank credit card?
There will be no changes to your First National Bank credit card at this time. First National Bank credit cards have and will continue to be serviced by Elan.

Will branch hours and locations be changing?
Hours for many offices will be changing prior to the merger on October 27. Please refer to the “Bank First Branch Hours” page of the Welcome Guide for a complete listing of branch hours. On Monday, October 30, Bank First will be opening six of the eight existing First National Bank branches. The Shiocton and Marion offices will be closing and customer accounts will automatically transfer to the Clintonville and Seymour offices.

I am running low on checks, can I order some checks?
You can order checks as you would today from your current vendor.  The routing number for First National Bank will remain active for approximately one year after conversion.  Any customer still using the First National Bank routing number will be notified and given an opportunity to notify their check vendors prior to the routing number being retired.

My interest bearing account type is converting to the First Rate Account which has a minimum balance requirements of $2,500, my account only has $500 in it, will I be charged a fee?
You will be placed in a 2 month period where the minimum balance requirement fee will be waived to given an opportunity to increase the balance in the account or move it to an account that doesn’t have a minimum balance requirement, such as First Savings. You will not see the charge until January 2018.

Will I be charged for a paper statement?
Current customers of First National Bank will not be charged the paper statement fee.  You will receive a paper statement for free, but will no longer receive check images in their statements. Images of your checks are available for viewing through online banking.

What will my safe deposit rent be with the new sizes (small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, jumbo)?
Please call your local office for more information.

Will I be charged for Bank First Bill Pay service?
All First National Bank customers will have deposit fees waived until January 2018.  In January 2018 and going forward, you will need to have an active debit card, e-statements, and direct deposit to avoid a monthly fee of $4.95.

Will my First National Bank debit card work on Sunday, October 29?
Your First National Bank debit card will work until sometime on October 30.  You can activate your Bank First debit card prior to conversion weekend when you receive it in the mail, but will not be able to use the new card until October 30.

I currently have a higher daily limit for mobile deposit, will it stay the same with Bank First?
All customers of First National Bank will map over at Bank First's default daily limit, which is $2,500. If your approved limit that is currently higher than that, please contact your local office to change the limit to match what you currently have.

Will I continue to get a monthly statement?   
Yes – all personal accounts will cycle on the 15th of the month.

What is Bill Pay?
Bill Pay service is an option that’s available within our online banking, which allows you to set up your bills and make payments electronically. Visit Bank First's Online Learning Center / Bill Pay to learn more!

Will I be charged a fee for not having a debit card or e-statements on a Simply First or First Savings?
You will not be charged a fee for not having a debit card or e-statements on a Simply First checking or First Savings account.

Will my “POA” and “POD” designations stay on my account?
We designate POA and POD as a name line and list them on the signature card.  If it is coded in the Jack Henry system in the CIF record, it will come over

What is the difference between the Money Market account and the Money Market Elite account (i.e. rates)?
There is information on our website at under the personal checking section on the differences between the two accounts.  The Money Market account has a minimum required balance of $1,000 and the Money Market Elite has a minimum required balance os $10,000.  The customer is charged $6 and $10 respectively if their balance falls below the minimums at any time in the statement cycle.  The rates are variable on both account types and are higher for the Money Market Elite.  They are both tiered and the tiers are on our website.

My safe deposit box rental is due November 1, 2017. Will I be charged the old FNB rates for this year or the new Bank First rate?
You will be charged from First National Bank according to those rates for November 1, 2017.  New rates will go into effect in 2018.

Will Bank First be contacting Social Security with the new routing number within the next year, or will the branches need to have customers complete forms with this change?
This question also pertains to other automatic payments from customers' checking or savings accounts - i.e. cell phone bills, insurance payments, etc. Notifications of change will be sent out automatically to the originators of the transactions the first time that transactions occur after conversion to let them know the new routing number 075901134.

Does page 5 of the EFT disclosure need to be signed and returned to Bank First?
Page 5 does not need to be signed and returned.

I have to take a Required Minimum Distribution in 2017, what happens with that?
Required Minimum Distribution transfers will continue as currently set up with First National. Bank First will make sure that you fulfill your full amount for 2017.

What is happening to my Certificate of Deposit (CD)?
All certificate of deposit (CD) accounts will come over to Bank First with their current terms as negotiated with First National Bank. When the CD matures, a letter will be sent discussing options if the CD product is not in our normal product suite.

Can I use my business deposit stamp?
If the stamp does not have "First National Bank" on it, it will be fine to use after the merger. If it has "First National Bank" or the First National Bank routing number on it, you may order new one from Bank First.

If I have a money management account and would like to convert to a money market elite account, how can I?
All money management accounts are converting to the money market account at Bank First. The rate will match the rate you are receiving today with First National Bank. If you are considering the money market elite account, the product can easily be changed after the merger.

I have a 24 month add-on CD. Can I continue to add-on to my CD after the merger?
Yes, all CDs are coming over to Bank First according to their negotiated terms. Customers in the 24 month add-on CD product will be able to add-on until the CD matures.

I have a minor savings accounts that normally stays under $50 and doesn't have any activity. Currently there is no service charge since child is a minor. Does Bank First charge fees on minor accounts?
No, Bank First does not charge an inactivity fee on minor accounts.

What business checking account will I be converted to?
All business customers who are not current cash management customers of First National Bank will be converted to the Small Business Checking account with Bank First. All of these accounts will be waived from service charges through the end of 2017 so we have an opportunity to look at volumes and custom fit the business into the product that best matches their needs. Current Cash Management customers of First National Bank are converting to the Premium Business Account with Bank First and will have received a visit from one of our Treasury Management team members and their Relationship Manager from First National Bank. These customers will also not see a service charge through the rest of 2017 so we can work with them to determine what product mix best fits their needs.


What will happen to the First National Bank website?
After Sunday, October 29, the First National Bank website will be redirected to the Bank First website. Should you need to reference the information in this Welcome Guide, you can visit our website at any time for a quick reference.

How do I log into my online banking?
Personal online banking customers will need to re-enroll at Please see complete instructions here for details.
–   If you own a sole proprietorship, partnership, or do not currently utilize Cash Management products and services, you will re-enroll using the PERSONAL ONLINE BANKING tab on the Bank First website.
– If you are a Cash Management customer, a First National Bank relationship manager will be reaching out to you personally in the next couple of weeks to establish your online banking profile, token, etc.

What will happen to my Bill Pay account?
First National Bank’s Bill Pay will remain active until Thursday, October 26 at 12:00pm. At this time, Bill Pay will enter an “inquiry only” mode until Bank First’s Bill Pay system becomes available on Sunday, October 29. During this timeframe, you will be able to view your existing payments; however, you will not be able to set up new payees or schedule payments. All scheduled payments will transfer to Bank First’s system. There will be no interruption in previously scheduled bill payments. Please establish your Bank First online banking profile to add new payees or make changes to existing payments.

Will I continue receiving e-statements if I am currently enrolled with them at First National Bank?
Yes, if you are receiving e-statements with First National Bank, you will continue receiving e-statements at Bank First.

What will happen to Telephone Banking?
First National Bank’s telephone banking will remain active until its normal cutoff time at 4:00pm on Friday, October 27. Telephone banking will become available on Sunday, October 29 under the Bank First name and number. The current First National Bank toll-free number for telephone banking will be forwarded to Bank First’s telephone banking for a period of time after the merger. The local number will no longer work after the merger. Bank First’s number for telephone banking is: 1-800-676-7535. Please note, you will need to re-enroll in telephone banking with Bank First. Please visit any Bank First office to receive your personal identification number and more information on our Telebanc services.


Will there be changes to my personal deposit accounts?
The current names, features, and benefits of your First National Bank deposit accounts will be converted to a similar Bank First deposit account. We are excited to offer additional benefits and services with these new accounts. Please refer to the “Important Product Changes” section of this Welcome Guide for more information.

Will automatic transfers, automatic loan payments, and direct deposits continue to work?
Direct deposits will continue to be deposited directly into your account. Automatic payments that are set up using a routing number and checking or savings account number (ACH) will continue to work. If payments were set up via your debit card, those will need to be updated with your new debit card information prior to October 30.

Will my account number(s) change?
In almost all cases, account numbers will remain the same. There are a small number of duplicate account numbers between the two banks. We have worked with these customers prior to the merger to change those account numbers.

Will the service charges associated with my account change?
Depending on your account, your service charges may change. Please review the Bank First checking and savings account products in the Welcome Guide, as well as the Fee Comparison Guide.

Will the interest rates and terms on my CDs and IRAs remain the same?
Yes, all terms and rates you currently receive from First National Bank will remain in effect until maturity. If your CD or IRA is set to automatically renew, it will continue to do so, and you will receive a notice including new Terms and Conditions. If your current term is not offered at Bank First, your CD will renew into the next lowest term available.

What happens if I have a Health Savings Account?
Your existing Health Savings Account will be transferred to Bank First. You may continue to use your existing HSA checks. A Bank First HSA debit card will be sent to you prior to October 30.


Will the merger affect my existing First National Bank loan?
No changes will be made to the payments, interest rates, or other terms of your existing loan until maturity.

Will my loan number change?
No. Your loan number will remain the same.

Will my loan statement change?
Yes. Mortgage loan customers will begin receiving a monthly loan billing statement from Bank First. Installment loan customers will not receive a monthly billing statement.

Will I be able to continue using my loan coupons when I submit my loan payment?
Yes. You will be able to use your existing coupons at this time.

Where do I mail my loan payments made on or after October 28, 2017?
Payments can be made at or mailed to any branch location. We recommend setting up automatic payments or making payments via online banking for your convenience.

Can I still view my loan and make a loan payment online?
Yes. You will be able to view your loans and make loan payments online. To do so, please first enroll in Bank First Online Banking and Mobile Banking on or after Sunday, October 29.

My loan payment is automatically deducted from my deposit account. Will that service continue?
Yes. Automatic payments will continue as usual, on the same schedule.

What will happen to my overdraft line of credit (cash reserve account)?
Your overdraft line of credit will be maintained as part of your new banking relationship with Bank First.

Who will be servicing my loan?
Bank First services all loans locally. You can expect to receive exceptional customer service and personal attention from the same friendly faces you’ve come to know at First National Bank.

Will decisions about my loan continue to be made locally?
Absolutely! As an independent community bank, loan decisions will still be made locally by the same dedicated team of bankers who live and work in the communities we serve.

What will happen with my property tax escrow?
You will receive a check made payable to your municipality in December.

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